Happy Camper Custom Towels Are On Fire!!!

Happy Camper Custom Towels Are On Fire!!!

My sewing and embroidery machine has been working non stop creating custom Happy Camper Custom Towel Sets, 5 piece Kitchen Sets, Baby Bibs, One Piece Baby Clothing, Aprons, T-shirts, Sweatshirts and much more!!! 

I am still loading new items in my Shopify Store so keep checking back for more updates.  Follow me on Twitter to see new items as their posted with links on how to purchase.  

I have some cute new holiday items being posted also!! Please keep me in mind  for Christmas gifts, holiday decorating, and more!

Feel free to contact me directly at takedowndesigns@gmail.com if you have something you are looking to personalize you may not see on our site.

You can also shop our booth at My Sister and Me Consignment Shop in Fenton, on Leroy next to Lovey's!  

I am so excited to launch all of my new products and designs!!!