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Welcome to Mackinac Island Designs, your premier destination for custom apparel, thoughtful gift ideas, and personalized team sports wear. Proudly rooted in the heart of Michigan, we are a homegrown business dedicated to crafting quality products that embody the spirit of Mackinac Island and the essence of the Great Lakes State.

Our Story Established in 1998, Mackinac Island Designs was born out of a shared passion for creativity, community, and the breathtaking landscapes of Michigan. What began as a humble endeavor to provide unique custom apparel and personalized gifts has blossomed into a thriving enterprise, serving not only our local clientele but also enthusiasts of Michigan's natural beauty from coast to coast.

Craftsmanship and Innovation At Mackinac Island Designs, we blend time-honored craftsmanship with innovative design to create products that resonate with the soul of Michigan. From meticulously stitched custom apparel that proudly displays your hometown pride to personalized gift ideas that capture cherished memories, each creation carries the mark of our dedication to quality and creativity.

Mackinac Island Inspiration The awe-inspiring landscapes of Mackinac Island and the surrounding Michigan terrain provide us with a boundless well of inspiration. The tranquility of the lake shores, the majesty of the forests, and the vibrant energy of local communities – all these elements find their way into our designs. By wearing our products, you not only showcase your love for Michigan but also carry a piece of its beauty wherever you go.

Custom Creations for Teams We understand the importance of team spirit and unity. Our expertise in creating custom team sports wear enables us to help your team stand out on and off the field. Whether it's personalized jerseys, embroidered jackets, or team-themed accessories, our designs enhance your sense of identity and camaraderie, fostering a sense of pride that propels you to victory.

Michigan-Centric Gifting Looking for the perfect gift that reflects the recipient's love for Michigan? Look no further. Our thoughtfully curated selection of personalized gift ideas is designed to evoke memories, celebrate milestones, and honor connections. From custom apparel to engraved keepsakes, we ensure that every gift carries a touch of Michigan's warmth and charm.

Michigan Proud, Michigan Strong As a Michigan-based business, we are committed to contributing to our community's growth and success. We prioritize local partnerships, ethical sourcing, and sustainable practices to ensure that our business not only thrives but also enriches the lives of those around us.

Join the Mackinac Island Designs Family We invite you to become a part of the Mackinac Island Designs family. Explore our diverse range of custom apparel, discover personalized gift ideas that leave a lasting impression, and collaborate with us to outfit your team with pride. With each purchase, you support a local business that embodies the heart and soul of Michigan.

Thank you for choosing Mackinac Island Designs. Together, we celebrate the beauty of Michigan and carry its essence wherever we roam.


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