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Summer Pinapple - 5 Piece Kitchen Set

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$ 24.99 USD
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$ 24.99 USD

Love this super simple cute pineapple 5 piece kitchen set!  This is a great addition to your summer kitchen décor!  This set is offered in several different colors:  Gray/White, Black/White, Red/White, Topaz Blue(Teal)/White, Lime Green/White, Beige/White and also Navy/White. 

This set comes with 1 oven mitt,  2 kitchen towels (Cotton) measuring 16 x 26 and 2 hot pads.  Each is embellished with the Summer Pineapple.  

Looking for extra personalization?  We offer personalizing this set with your name such as;  Janet's Kitchen.  The name would be placed above the pineapple and below the pineapple would say Kitchen.  

These are great ideas for housewarming, birthday, Mother's Day, Wedding and Bridal Gifts!!

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Looking for a custom order or don't see what you are looking for.  Contact us today to create a special creation to fit your kitchen décor.